TUESDAY TIPS from Campus Center & Event Services (CC&ES)

Earth Day is right around the corner.  To celebrate incorporate these 3 recycling tips at your next meeting or event.

1.  NAME-TAGS.  Collect plastic name tag holders for reuse, with collection boxes at all registration, exhibit, and exit areas.  To encourage folks to return their badges try holding a prize drawing from their recycled badges.

2.  EVENT SIGNAGE.  What can you reuse from this event that can be carried over to the next event?  Signage and materials without dates and time specific information can be reused again to cut down on costs from year to year.

3.  PLACE-CARDS.  Consider using plantable seed cards for your next event.  There are a number of eco-friendly companies offering these products.  You simply print guests’ names on the cards and when the event is done guests have a favor that they can plant in the ground to grow flowers.

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Originally published in Intercom: TUESDAY TIPS from Campus Center & Event Services (CC&ES).