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Many people agree that flowers are one of the most important elements in your event design.  From big parties to small get-togethers, flowers can bring that added touch to any setting.  If you are planning to hire a florist for your event, discuss what you want to achieve with your flowers.  Many people do not know what they require and will be left with disappointing flowers.  Lots of hosts or organizers hire florists that can turn out to be a disappointing investment.  If you follow the 5 rules laid out below, you will invest in a good florist that knows exactly what you like and can use flowers to reinforce the mood you must create.

1. Research
This step is very important before you talk to your florist. Discuss what type of flowers you prefer for your special occasion.  To get more ideas, look around in local flower shops or even online.  Knowing what color, size or type of flower you want will let your florist tailor to you.  Also, researching different flowers trends can give you more creativity with flowers.  If you are aware of what flowers are in season, your purchased flowers will stay strong and stay healthier, longer.

2. Budget
When discussing your budget with a florist, be very firm.  Only you know how much you are willing to spend on your flowers.  If the quote that a florist gives you is unreasonable, search around your neighborhood.  It is always better to find a great deal and a florist that will take your flowers seriously.  A knowledgeable florist should be able to suggest new flower ideas within your price range.

3. Communication
Communication is key when dealing with your florist.  Your florist must know what you like or dislike.  If your florist suggests a theme that you are not comfortable with, be honest.  It could save stress and grief later.  Get to know your florist better.  If you are friendly, you are more likely to solve and negotiate problems.  A good florist will build on your ideas and create them into beautiful flowers for your special day.

4. Style
This one is crucial for your flowers to be perfect.  Know your florist's style.  Florists and flower shops usually have distinct details that are seen in their arrangements and bouquets.  Many professional florists stick to one prominent style or topic.  If you are unsure about his/her style, ask to look at photos of other weddings, events, etc. that they have planned.  Make sure your florist has some experience in this area. 

5. Planning
To make an event fabulous, you must organize and plan.  Always know where you are going to be placing your flowers and how many arrangements you will need.  Florists are great at helping you categorize and outline your feelings and personalities into flowers. This creates mood when you are entertaining your guests.  Florists can also point out things that you may have overlooked. All of the little details, like planning and being in control, contribute to the making of a wonderful event!

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Originally published in Intercom: TUESDAY TIPS from Campus Center & Event Services (CC&ES).