TUESDAY TIPS from Campus Center & Event Services (CC&ES)

Are you thinking of hiring a photographer for your next event?  Consider these tips for how to make your photographs count.

·Don’t skip the photographs in the interest of saving money.  They may be very useful for publicity purposes at a later date, or for annual reports, newsletters and releases, etc.

·Think about what photographs you need in advance.  For many events it is possible to hire a photographer for an hour or two to get the shots you need.  It is often not necessary for the photographer to stay for the whole event.  Keep in mind that a photographer can be present at an event for an hour or and deliver photos that make it look like s/he were there the whole time.  Not so with video.

·Be very specific about what shots you need and in what format (digital, prints, etc.) you need them.

If you want the décor and table settings photographed in advance, make sure you tell the photographer and have him/her show up before the event starts.  If it is head shots of presenters or just the awards presentations you need, be specific about it up front.  It saves time and money.


·Photos can double as gifts. Even instant snapshots of guests arriving or posing with a celebrity can be quickly framed and given out as keepsakes at the end of the function.  Or they can be mailed in a follow-up press kit or thank you letter to bring back the fond memories.

These TIPS are courtesy of Agenda New York’s 2008 Special Events Resource Directory.




Originally published in Intercom: TUESDAY TIPS from Campus Center & Event Services (CC&ES).