TUESDAY TIPS from Campus Center & Event Services (CC&ES)

Last week we told you how to use greener methods of advertising your meetings and events.  One way was to advertise on the LCD display boards in the Campus Center.  So what are you waiting for?!  Here’s what you need to know to get your next event noticed!

STEP ONE:  You need to fill out an LCD Display Board Permit.  You can download the form on-line by clicking here or you can stop by the CC&ES Office (next to the Information Desk) to fill one out.  Basic information such as your name, sponsoring organization’s name, your email and the dates you want your presentation to run will be needed.  Please note: Only registered on-campus groups, college sponsored teams, committees and departments may advertise on the LCD boards.  You may have your presentation run a maximum of two weeks.

STEP TWOSubmit your completed form and your Microsoft PowerPoint (PC Compatible) presentation for the LCD Display.  PLEASE DO NOT animate your presentation--it will unfortunately not work on the LCD Display Board.  Please e-mail the PowerPoint presentation to  Please allow a minimum of three (3) business days prior to the begin date for your presentation to be included on the LCD Display Board.

STEP THREE:  Once your permit is approved (you’ll be notified via email or telephone), you may come in to the CC&ES Office and pick up your permit.

STEP FOUR:  Get ready for all the people who are now going to come to your event because they saw it on the boards in Campus Center!


For the complete advertising and solicitation policy, click here.

Originally published in Intercom: TUESDAY TIPS from Campus Center & Event Services (CC&ES).