TUESDAY TIPS from Campus Center & Event Services (CCES)

Take a moment to review these 5 easy ways to “GREEN” your next meeting or event! You will save money and help the environment!

1. Use paperless technology to advertise.  Use new media and electronic technology to cut down your paper use for any event.  Come to the CCES office and advertise your event on the permanent signboards in Campus Center.  Advertise your event on Intercom, the Campus Calendar or through Facebook.

2. Serve water from pitchers. Serving water from pitchers or containers is a cost savings and will win you an environmental green star for preventing thousands of plastic bottles from ending up in the waste stream.  Remember when thinking green, it is always better to prevent waste than to deal with it later, even when it is recycled and handled responsibly.

3Skip the handouts.  Try posting agendas or program information instead of handing out individual copies.  Consider emailing the presenter’s PowerPoint presentation rather than printing out copies for attendees. When paper needs to be used, be sure to use both sides of paper and poster board before recycling.

4. Serve a greener snack or meal.  In addition to the zero waste catering that we offer for events, you can also request a whole array of local and organic products to be served at your next event.  Be sure to ask your event planner about the Sustainable Pricing Guide!

5. Think about the next meeting and event.  What can you reuse from this event that can be carried over to next year?  Signage and materials without dates and time specific information can be reused again to cut down on costs from year to year.  You save money over the long term and cut energy use in production and post-event disposal.  When thinking sustainable, think big picture!

Originally published in Intercom: TUESDAY TIPS from Campus Center & Event Services (CCES).