TUESDAY TIPS from Campus Center & Event Services (CC&ES)

Giving hotel gift bags for the out of town guests who are attending your event is a simple way to welcome them and to show your appreciation for their participation.

Whether your guests are attending a business or social event, they will no doubt appreciate the extra step you went to ensure their comfort. Consider filling your re-usable hotel bag with the following items:

·         water bottles

·         an agenda, itinerary or map of the weekend events

·         maps of downtown & local attractions

·         gift certificate or coupons to an area restaurant

·         small packets of aspirin, gum or mints

·         chocolate bars & other non-perishable snacks

·         an Ithaca College memento (note pad, t-shirt or mug)

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Originally published in Intercom: TUESDAY TIPS from Campus Center & Event Services (CC&ES).