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Campus Center Artwork Policy

Campus Center Artwork

The meeting rooms and common areas in the Campus Center are utilized by the campus community and external clients for many different types of events, including meetings, social activities, conferences and formal banquets. The need for the Campus Center to serve multiple purposes requires that the building’s rooms and common areas be decorated in a “neutral” and “simple” way. Requests for long-term decorations, artwork or any other items affixed to walls in the Campus Center will not be considered.

Short term artwork can be displayed in the Campus Center, upon approval, in the following areas:

  • The North Foyer via the solicitation process.

  • Various free standing glass cases via the solicitation process.

  • The wall glass cases by the west entrance for no more than one semester.

  • The glass cases on the Academic Quad via the campus solicitation process.

All questions regarding the Campus Center should be directed to the Campus Center and Event Services Office at (607) 274-3313.