Arzu Karaduman

Instructor, Media Arts, Sciences and Studies
Office: 252
Specialty: Sound in cinema, film theory, film aesthetics and analysis, contemporary global cinemas


Arzu Karaduman is Visiting Assistant Professor at Ithaca College, NY. Karaduman got her BA in American Culture and Literature and MA in Communication from Bilkent University in Turkey. She holds a Ph.D. in Moving Image Studies from the School of Film, Media & Theater at Georgia State University. Her research interests focus on global art cinemas, film sound, film philosophy, and questions of race and gender in cinema and contemporary audiovisual media. She is currently revising her dissertation, “Sounding Anew: Anasonicity in Contemporary Global Cinemas”, into a book. Conceptually modeled on Akira Lippit’s Atomic Light, “Sounding Anew” devises anasonicity as a new theory about sound in cinema and generates other terms to address sound techniques disrupting synchronization in radical ways in contemporary global cinemas. Karaduman has published “Hush-hush, I Will Know When I Know”: Post-Black Sound Aesthetics in Moonlight in liquidblackness journal and Seeing a film in blindfolds: Cinema experience with EarFilms” in Sound Studies journal.