Annette Levine

Professor and Jewish Studies Coordinator, World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures




Modeled after Cornell's Teatrotaller, we began developing a Hispanic theater presence on the Ithaca College campus in 2006. After our debut of Aída Bortnik's Papá querido  as part of Teatrotaller's Las Américas festival, Ithaca College students began proposing plays that they wanted to direct in Spanish. Successful shows of Miguel Mihura's Tres sombreros de copa and Griselda Gambaro's Información para extranjeros made it evident that Teatro had found a home on the IC campus.

With the creation of two new courses,"Teatro: From the Page to the Stage" (Spanish 260) and  "Teatro: Performance and Production" (Spanish 270), we have been performing at least one show per semester over the past several years. Our repertoire has expanded to include Latino plays as well as Spanish language plays from Latin America, Spain, and the Caribbean. On December 10th, 2013, Teatro performed a bilingual adaptation of "A propósito de la duda / For the Sake of Doubt" at the United Nations in honor of International Human Rights Day

 Productions to date:

POTUS: Conferencia de prensa
(Written by Christopher Morales)

Ash-E Jo
(Adaptation of Ana Diosdado's Harira by IC Teatro Collective)


Adaptation of Dolores Prida's Coser y cantar
(Written and directed by IC Teatro Collective)


Actos Originales: 50th Anniversary of Teatro Campesino
(Written and directed by IC Teatro Collective)


La historia de nuestras vidas
(Adapted by IC Teatro Collective)

A propósito de la duda / For the Sake of Doubt, Teatroxlaidentidad
(Directed by Cristopher Ramírez)


Harira, Ana Diosdado
(Directed by Gipsy Fernández)

Beautiful Señoritas, Dolores Prida
(Directed by Courtney Beaudry)


Anna in the Tropics, Nilo Cruz
(Directed by Lucy Walker)

Teléfono, Teatro x la Identidad
(Directed by Cristopher Ramírez)

Ramón, Sergi Belbel
(Directed by Anna Lawrence)

El Armario, Anna Lawrence (Staged reading)


I Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Badges, Luis Váldez
(Directed by Emilio Martínez Zurita de la Garza)

El Eterno Femenino, Rosario Castellanos
(Directed by IC Teatro Collective)


Información para Extranjeros, Griselda Gambaro
(Directed by Alejandro Chavarria)


Tres Sombreros de Copa, Miguel Mihura
(Directed by Ashley Wolin)


Papá Querido, Aída Bortnik
(Directed by Corinne Proctor)

Join Teatro students and alums as we kickoff the 10 year celebration with two one-act plays, POTUS: Conferencia de prensa and ASHE-JO. 
Saturday, April 29th
IC Square