Alison Wahl

Assistant Professor, Music Performance


Teaching Philosophy

I expect my students to engage honestly and fully with their instruments and accomplish good singing in a wide range of styles. My teaching focuses on the development of true body-breath connection, careful appreciation for text, and thoughtful musical choices. The foundation of my teaching is the classical music canon of Western Europe, but my students are encouraged to incorporate repertoire from every style and tradition they can think of. Schubert, Mozart, and Scarlatti have a place in my studio alongside Duke Ellington, Joni Mitchell, and Kaija Saariaho. My students often bring their own compositions and songs to lessons, and perform them for juries and recitals as well.

Discovering your voice is a process that is rewarding and daunting. Each of our instruments works a little differently; as vocalists, our work in developing our instrument allows us to become capable vessels of the great repertoire that is entrusted to us.