Katharine Kittredge

Professor, English


Program for Pippi to Ripley 4

Pippi to Ripley 4: Sex and Gender in Fantasy, Science Fiction, Children's Lit. and Comics

Ithaca College

Note on registration:  All Pippi to Ripley panels and talks are free and open to the public.  Registered participants ($60) additionally get meals (breakfasts and lunches on Friday and Saturday, a Friday evening reception) and free admission to the Sammus concert.  To register go to http://faculty.ithaca.edu/kkittredge/cfp_pippi_to_ripley_2017/

Preliminary schedule

Friday, April 21

9am-10pm Plenary (Clark Lounge, Campus Center)

Marlene Barr (Fairy Godmother Invocation) and Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo (Feminist Nerdcore Rap Artist SAMMUS)

10:15-11:15 Panel Session 1

Dystopia (Clark Lounge)

Douglas Anderson “Margaret Atwood’s Unlikely Heroine in The Heart Goes Last”

Rachel Roupp “Who Killed the World: Fury Road’s Immortan Joe, Donald Trump, and the Response of the Women They Govern”

Louise Sullivan-Blum ”Bad Moms”: When Gender Roles Survive the Apocalypse” (wants to present in morning)

Queer Texts (Taughanock Falls; 3rd floor Campus Center)

Anna Lawrence “Friendship to the Max: Queer Relationships in YA Literature”

Gael Sweeney “Kevin and Veronica BFFs!:
Gay Male/Straight Female Friendship in the Archie Comics”

Ariana Olsen “Accepting the Alien: The Humanity of Non-Binary Identities in Steven Universe and The Left Hand of Darkness”

11:30-12:30 Teaching Fairytales in the College Classroom

(Taughanock Falls)

Teri Doerksen

Lynn Pifer “Grimm Variations First Year Seminar: Teaching Theory is Fun with Fairy Tales”

Katharyn Machan “Gingerbread: Poems of the Dark Forest”

Julie Fromer

12:30-2:00pm Lunch: registered participants only  (Klingenstein Lounge)

Session 2: 2:00-3:00pm

Ecofeminism (Clark Lounge)

Marleen Barr “Just like Keebler Cookies: Ecological Plant-Based Urban Planning in Eleanor Cameron’s The Wonderful Flight To the Mushroom Planet”

Emily Bourke “The Stepford Wives as Ecohorror”

Mary Lindroth “Women and Animals Unite! Ecofeminism in the Graphic Novel As The World Burns”

Film and Television (Taughannock Falls)

Joseph Giunta “Did They Send Me Daughters When I Asked for Sons?”: Fortifications and Confrontations of Gendered Social Hierarchies from Disney to Miyazaki”

Taylor Greenwood “A Season of Unfortunate Events - Sexuality, Violence, and Hope: Voicing the Unspoken and Adapting the Incomprehensible”

Rachel Katz “Welcome to the Drag Show: Female Performance in Horror Cinema”

3:15-4:15 Surviving and Thriving in Graduate School (Taughanock Falls)

Maya Thornton, English Literature (Murray State)

Al Valentín, Women’s and Gender Studies (Rutgers)

Anna Lawrence, Library & Information Science (Simmons)

Danielle Carr, English Literature (CUNY)

Reception 4:30-6pm  Registered Participants Only(Clark Lounge)

Sammus in concert 8 pm Emerson Suites

Registered participants free; $3 Students; $5 General Public.

*All proceeds go to The Advocacy Center and Planned Parenthood*

Sammus – Feminist “Nerdcore” Rapper (Emerson)

Sammus is the stage name of Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo, an Ithaca-based rapper/producer who is also a graduate student at Cornell. Her recently released debut LP Pieces in Space (Don Giovanni Records) has been widely praised and featured on many 2016 “best of” lists.  Her work “weaves raw confessions, pro-weirdo anthems, and clever musings on modern life into a unique story about black womanhood.”  In addition to her strong presence as a “Nerdcore” rapper, Enongo is also an outspoken feminist who has written for publications such as  Bitch, For Harriet, Sounding Out!, and The Mary Sue on issues of race, hip-hop, gaming, and feminism.  For more information see https://sammusmusic.com/

Saturday, April 22

9-10am Panel Session 3  

Westworld (Textor 101)

Haley Conatser “Masculine Anxieties in a World Made to Please: A Look at Gender Performance in HBO’s Westworld”

Elizabeth Mabee “Gender in the Wild West in Westworld”

Female Superheroes (Textor 102)

Danielle Carr “Blurred Lines: The Gender Fluidity, Sexual Preferences and Archetypal Influence of Wonder Woman “

Maya Thornton ”Love is for Children”: How Joss Whedon and Others Destroyed Female Superheroes in the Name of Romance"

Mikhail Valentin “The Forerunners: Forgotten Heroines of the Golden Age”

Aritficial Intelligence and Reality (Textor 103)

Chrissy Smith “Artificial Intelligence and Alternate Reality in Black Mirror”

Alyssa Rodriguez "Play Like a Girl: Finding Space for Girl Gamers in Ready Player One"

Nadia Agha “Breaking Conventional Stereotypes: Transgressive Gender in The Matrix”

10:15-11:15 am Panels Session 4

Video Games and the Gaming World (Textor 101)

Jackie Kazim “Retroactively Queer: Shaping Sexual Identity through Transmedia and Fan-generated Content”

Anna Kelly "Destined to Distress: The Evolution of Princess Zelda"

Al Valentín “Kitties, Tiffies and Tough Guys: Gender, Race and Authenticity in YouTube Let’s Play Culture”

Jessica Jones (Textor 102)

Alexandra Thomas “PTSD in Netflix’s Jessica Jones”

Eva Maria Thury “Transferring the Visual Style of Jessica Jones from the Graphic Novel to the Netflix Series”

Young Feminist Geeks (Textor 103)

3 girls from LACS

Clio Hamilton "Magic is Might: Narratives of fascism, bureaucratic corruption and resistance in Harry Potter"

11:30-12:30 Keynote (Textor 102)


A Conversation about Nerdcore, Race, and Representation

Moderator: Kyra Skye

Kyra Skye is a freshman Sound Recording Technology major at Ithaca College and a sound engineer for Ithaca Underground. She is also a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer.

Isaiah Horton /Yvng Pluto

Isaiah is an artist from Harlem, NYC who has been releasing music for about 4 years.
Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo/Sammus
Enongo is a producer, rapper, and PhD student at Cornell University in the Science & Technology Studies Department.
Dill Randolph/Magnetic the Shaman

Magnetic is an MC and Ithaca College student from Philadelphia, PA.

12:30-2pm Lunch for registered participants only

2pm-3pm Panels Session 5

Stranger Things (Textor 101)

Taylor Donahue “The Weirdo on Maple Street: Exploring Stranger Things’ Hawkins, Indiana as a Homophobic Hellscape”

Sierra Dunn “A New Final Girl?: Nancy in Stranger Things”

Andrea Harris “I am the monster’: The Strangest Thing in Stranger Things”

Intersectional Feminisms (Textor 102)

Sappho Hocker “Intersectional Feminism in Janelle Monáe’s ‘Android’”

Jacqueline York “Non-Compliance, Catharsis, & Catalyst: The Revolutionary Potential of Bitch Planet”


Children’s Texts (Textor 103)

Alexandra Paleka “Alice’s Exploration of Feminine Identity in Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass”

Noel Reich “The Wonderful Women of Oz”

Carolyn Rennie “Girlfights in Harry Potter”

3:15-4:15 Panels Session 6  

Horror Television (Textor 101)

Laurel Chase “Maybe She is a Mess: Joyce Byers and the Grieving Mothers of Sci-fi/Horror”

Hannah Grover “Gender Politics in The Walking Dead”

Nicole Govocek “More Than a Meatsuit: Gender, Consent, and Body Commodification in Supernatural Fanfiction”

Vampire Worlds (Textor 102)

Kailey Havelock “Buffy the Patriarchy Slayer: The Ecology of Gendered Animality in Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

Anna Neumaier “Female Vampires in Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire”

Matthew Radulski “Sins of the Father: Wesley Wyndam-Price as a Failed Father on Angel”

Young Adult (Textor 103)

Katelyn Dorrell “To the People who look at the Stars and Wish: Androgyny and Agency in Young Adult Fantasy”

Tom Morrissey "Is it too Late for Heroines? Confronting Dystopia in Panshin's Rite of Passage and Collins' Hunger Games Trilogy"

Allison Taylor “Female Empowerment in Dealing with Dragons and Ella Enchanted”