Matthew C. Sullivan

Professor, Physics and Astronomy



I teach and have taught a variety of courses in the Physics department.  I enjoy teaching all levels: from introductory courses for non-majors, introductory courses for majors, all the way to senior-level selected topics courses for majors.  My passion (and the reason I became a Physics major myself) is for experimental Physics, and I have taught several of the advanced laboratory courses.  Throughout my teaching, I emphasize analytical and critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills in a collaborative environment.

Below is the list of courses I teach or have taught at Ithaca College.  All of these courses are now maintained on Sakai.  If anyone is interested in the courses below (for syllabi, course materials, etc.), please contact me via email.

  • PHYS 10200: Introduction to Physics II
  • PHYS 11400: Introduction to Experimental Physics
  • PHYS 11700: Principles of Physics I: Mechanics
  • PHYS 21700: Principles of Physics III: Waves, Optics, and Thermodynamics
  • PHYS 23200: Honors Intermediate Seminar: Relativity and Quantum Physics in Society
  • PHYS 31100: Analytical Mechanics
  • PHYS 32000: Thermodynamics
  • PHYS 36000: Advanced Physics Laboratory
  • PHYS 42100: Quantum Mechanics
  • PHYS 45100: Advanced Physics Laboratory II
  • PHYS 47003: Selected Topics in Physics: Solid State Physics
  • PHYS 49500: Senior Projects
  • PHYS 49700: Senior Thesis I
  • PHYS 49800: Senior Thesis II