Maki Inada

Associate Professor, Biology



Most Recent Publications

*Undergraduate co-authors

Inada M, *Nichols RJ, Parsa JY, Homer CM, *Benn RA, *Hoxie RS, Madhani HD, Shuman S, Schwer B, Pleiss JA. Phospho-site mutants of the RNA Polymerase II C-terminal domain alter subtelomeric gene expression and chromatin modification state in fission yeast. Nucleic Acids Res. 2016 Jul 8. pii: gkw603. [Epub ahead of print]

*Marvin, Bonnie A. and Inada, Maki.  Co-transcriptional mRNA Processing in Eukaryotes. In: Bell E., Bond J., Klinman J., Masters B., Wells R. (Ed.) Molecular Life Sciences: An Encyclopedic Reference: SpringerReference ( Springer New York, May 27, 2014. p 1-10.

Kathryn E. Cole, Maki InadaAndy SmithMichael P. Haaf2013. "Implementing a Grant Proposal Writing Exercise in Undergraduate Science Courses to Incorporate Real-World Applications and Critical Analysis of Current Literature".   ACS Journal of Education.DOI: 10.1021/ed400130s. Publication Date (Web): August 2.  View the article here.

Liachko I, Tanaka E, Cox K, *Chung SC, *Yang L, *Seher A, *Hallas L, *Cha E, *Kang G, *Pace H, Barrow J, Inada M, Tye BK, Keich U. 2011 Novel Features of ARS Selection in Budding Yeast Lachancea kluyveri. BMC Genomics. Dec 28;12(1):633.

Sahi C, Lee T, Inada M, Pleiss JA, Craig EA. 2010. Cwc23, an essential J protein critical for pre-mRNA splicing with a dispensable J domain.  Mol Cell Biol. Jan;30(1):33-42. 

Inada M and Pleiss JA.  2010. Genome-Wide Approaches to Monitor Pre-mRNA Splicing.  Guide to Yeast Genetics: Functional Genomics, Proteomics, and Other Systems Analysis.  Edited by: Jonathan Weissman; Christine Guthrie and Gerald R. Fink.  Methods in Enzymology.  Volume 470, Pages 1-892.

1Lareau, LF, 1Inada, M, Green, RE, *Wengrod, JC, and Brenner SE.  ‘Unproductive splicing of SR genes associated with highly conserved and ultraconserved DNA elements.’  Nature.  2007 Apr 19; 446(7138):926-929. 

1These authors contributed equally to this work.