Morgan Jolley

Assistant Professor, Music Education
School: School of Music
Office: 2302

Morgan Jolley earned her Ph.D. in Music Education at the University of South Florida in Spring, 2020. She is an Assistant Professor in Music Education at Ithaca College. Dr. Jolley (formerly known as Dr. Burburan) served as the Interim Director of Choral Studies at the University of South Florida. Dr. Jolley has experience in teaching from the elementary to the university level and beyond with community choirs. She is an active choral clinician, adjudicator, and provides professional development to music educators. Morgan has an MME from Florida State University and a B.S. in Music Education from the University of South Florida, and began her education at the University of Florida studying French Horn. Her research interest is in vocal health and pedagogy across genres, music cognition, curriculum development, the democratization of music education with informal and popular music education in addition to traditional western canon, and student leadership.