Matthew Klemm

Associate Professor, History


Medieval Civilization


Monday, Jan. 24: Introduction


Wednesday, Jan. 26: Late Roman Empire/Roman Character

Bennett and Hollister, pp. 1-13


Friday, Jan. 28: Crisis of the Third Century/Mystery Religions

            Bennett and Hollister, pp. 13-16

            Atlas, 14-19


Monday, Jan. 31. Christian Values

The Gospel According to Matthew, 1-9; 24-28


Wednesday, Feb. 2: Christianity and Classical Culture/Constantine

Bennett and Hollister, pp. 16-29

Conversion Documents


Friday, Feb. 4. Augustine

*Augustine, Confessions, Books 1-3


Monday, Feb. 7: Barbarians

            Reaction 1 deadline

Bennett and Hollister. pp. 30-43

Atlas, 20-21

*Tacitus, Germania selections


Wednesday, Feb. 9: Barbarian Conversion

Bennett and Hollister, pp. 43-56

            Atlas, 22-23


Friday, Feb. 11: Christian Institutions I

Bennett and Hollister, pp. 56-67

            Atlas, 56-57

*The Rule of St. Benedict


Monday, Feb. 14 Christian Institutions II


Wednesday, Feb. 16:  Byzantium

Bennett and Hollister, 68-81

*Iconoclastic Controversy docs


Friday, Feb 18: Islam

Bennett and Hollister, 81-96

Atlas, 24-25


Monday, Feb. 21: Western Europe before Charlemagne

Bennett and Hollister, 97-104

Atlas, 26-29


Wednesday, Feb. 23: Rise of the Carolingians and feudalism

Bennett and Hollister, 104-111

Atlas, 32-33


Friday, Feb. 25: Carolingian Renaissance

            Reaction 2 deadline

Bennett and Hollister, 111-118

*Carolingian Docs: Charlemagne, Agobard, more Agobard, and Otfrid (not the whole thing!)


Monday, Feb. 28: Vikings

Bennett and Hollister, 119-128

            Atlas, 30-31



Wednesday, Mar. 2: Fragmentation and feudalism

            Bennett and Hollister, 128-147

            Atlas, 44-45 and 64-65

            *Feudal docs: Capitularies, Feudal Agreement, Homage


Friday, Mar. 4: Recovery

            Bennett and Hollister, 149-167

            Atlas, 72-75

            *Glaber, Procession of Relics, Truce of God, Chroncle of Anjou

Wednesday, Mar. 9: Catchup and review

Friday, March 11: MIDTERM EXAM

St. Perpetua

Donation of Constantine

Muslim Conquest

March 12-20: Spring Break

Wednesday, Mar. 23: Townlife

Bennett and Hollister, 167-185

            Atlas, 76-81

            *Revolt, Guild Rules, Prices, Town Charter


Friday, Mar. 25: Investiture Controversy

Bennett and Hollister, 201-207

            Atlas, 40-41 and 54-55

            *Investiture Docs


Monday, Mar. 28: Critics of Society: Heresy and New Orders

            Reaction 3 deadline

            Bennett and Hollister, 186-201

            Atlas, 58-61; 68-71

            *Cathar and Waldensian Docs


Wednesday, Mar. 30: Mendicant Orders

Bennet and Hollister, 207-214

Francis and Dominican docs

April 1: No class


Monday, Apr.4: Crusades 1-3

            Bennett and Hollister, 215-230

            Atlas, 84-91; 96-99

            Documents about the 1st Crusade: A letter from Emperor Alexius, the Speech of Pope Urban II (only read the first two accounts of the speech), and an account of the taking of Jerusalem.

            For those of you interested in writing papers about the crusade, here is a good website for sources. 

Wednesday, April 6: Crusade 4

            B and H, 230-239

            Atlas, 100-106

            *Launching of the Crusade, Pope Innocent, the taking of Constantinople

Friday, April 8: Papacy and Empire

            B and H, 240-259

            *Canons of Lateran IV; Papal policies


April 11: England

           B and H, 266-277

           Example from the Domesday book; Assize of Clarenden

           Book review due

April 13: France

           B and H, 277-288

           Excerpt from the life of Louis VI; Deeds of Philip Augustus 10Saint Louis, advice

           Paper topic and sources due

April 15: Education I: Monastic and Cathedral Schools

          B and H, 290-291; 307-319

          *Letters of Abelard and Heloise

          Reaction 4 deadline

April 18: Education II: Invention of Universities

          Aquinas (only read to the end of Article 1) and medical texts

April 20: "Secular" Culture

         Goliards and selection from The Art of Courtly Love

         B and H, 292-300

April 22: Art and Achitecture

        Virtual Chartres Cathedral


B and H, 300-307 

April 25: Women and gender roles

        Heloise, Letter to Eleanor of Aquitaine

April 27: Gender roles continued

        The Good wife's guide

April 29: Plague

          Paper due

          Boccaccio and medical account of the disease

          B+H, 321-335

          Atlas, 120-121

May 2: Disunity in the church

         B+H, 336-345

         Atlas, 124-125

May 4: 

May 6: Catch up

May 9: Final due