Mary Pitti

Clinical Associate Professor and Clinic Director, Speech Language Pathology and Audiology
School: School of Health Sciences and Human Performance



Current Courses

SLPA-37000 Clinical Observation (3 credits) F/Y spring 2020-present 

SLPA 32500 Voice and Swallowing Disorders (3 credits) S/Y 2020-present

Current Supervision

SLPG-66100 Clinical Practicum I (F)

SLPG-66200 Clinical Practicum II (S)

SLPG-66300 Clinical Practicum III (Su)

SLPG-66400 Clinical Practicum IV (F)

Previous Courses 

SLPG-66101 Seminar in professional Practice I (1 credit)  Fall 2018

SLPG-65600 Dysphagia (3 credits) Fall 2005- 2017

SLPG-65000 Medical Topics in Speech-Language Pathology (2 credits) Fall 2006-2008

ICSM-10500-23 Decisions, Decisions, Decisions: The Art and Science of Decision Making (4 Credits) Fall 2012- 2013.     Co-Instructor Barbara Belyea, DPT.

 SLPA-32000 Stuttering and Voice Disorders (1.5/3 credits) Fall 2006-2019.  Co-Instructor Susan Durnford, M.S., CCC-SLP