Mike Truesdell

Assistant Professor, Music Performance


IC Percussion FAQ | Fall 2020

  • Greetings!
    • The percussion department is excited to implement creative and innovative teaching styles and resources this year!  Online learning, though different, can offer an opportunity for new learning modalities and a possibility of performing that can allow students to interact with people all over the world at the click of a button.
  • Lessons
    • You (the percussion student) should have already received your lesson teacher assignment and are hopefully communicating with your private lesson teacher already about the remote lessons and curriculum.  
    • Please take advantage of your lesson time to keep furthering your progress by exploring new styles, techniques, artists, repertoire, while staying grounded in your technical and musical fundamentals.
  • Rep/Ped
    • This semester we will have a varied curriculum in Rep/Ped, that includes: student performances, faculty presentations, guest artists, and hopefully some surprises!  Topics may include: expressive, technical, historical, pedagogical, practical and fundamentals of music.
  • Percussion Ensemble
    • Last semester you all did a fantastic job of composing, recording and editing those videos that are on YouTube.  So great!
    • This semester we will be focusing on playing LIVE on Zoom (yes, you heard it right).  The repertoire we will be performing and studying will explore improvisation, interpretation, sound curation, interaction and creativity.
    • Afro-cuban Ensemble and Steel Band will also be meeting regularly with emphasis on new styles, repertoires and artists. Afro-Cuban ensemble will be playing and singing synchronously and Steel Ensemble will be investigating videos, recordings and repertoire with Conrad at the helm.
  • Percussion Alley
    • You all should have received a link to the Zoom Percussion Alley, where you can go to hang out, play for each other, and do all of the great socializing that happens in the Whalen Percussion Alley every day!
  • A note about instruments and building access:
    • We regret to say that, at this time, we cannot allow students to practice in Whalen.  
    • However, we are able to loan Ithaca College’s instruments to you, at the discretion of your private lesson teacher and Mike Truesdell.  Please be in touch with them about this process.  This is only available for pickup from Ithaca College, in coordination with Mike Truesdell.
    • If you are not able to pick up instruments from Ithaca College directly, we encourage you to reach out to nearby schools and teachers to kindly ask to borrow instruments.  Again, be in touch with your lesson teacher, should you need help with this process.
  • Any questions can be directed toward your private lesson teacher or Mike Truesdell at mtruesdell@ithaca.edu.  Looking forward to a great year!