Timothy Nord

Retired Associate Professor, Music Theory, History Composition


General courses in Music Technology are taught in the Sass Music Technology classroom (2102 JJWCM). These courses are taught by Dr. Timothy Nord with the help of a Graduate Assistant. Courses in electroacoustic music and sound recording technology are taught in the electroacoustic and recording studios.

Timothy Nord , PHD

Dr. Nord has been on the faculty of Ithaca College since 1992. Originally a member of the Music Theory faculty, a much-needed expansion of the music facility also brought with it an expansion in program posibilities. In 1999, the James J. Whalen Center for Music opened, which included a state of the art computer lab and classroom. Along with being instrumental in the design of these new facilities, Dr. Nord designed and implemented a new technology curriculum, offering courses that complement and enhance every students course of study in the Music School.