Praneeta Mudaliar

Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies and Science
School: School of Humanities and Sciences


Peer-reviewed Publications

*Student Collaborators

Mudaliar, P., McElroy, M.*, and Brenner, J.C. (2021) The Futility and Fatality of Incremental Action: Motivations and Barriers among Undergraduates for Environmental Action that Matters, Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences.

Mudaliar, P and O’Brien, L*. (2021). Crowding-out Lower-level Authorities: Interactions and Transformations of Higher and Lower-level Authorities in Lake Victoria’s Polycentric fisheries in Kenya, Environmental Science and Policy; 118, 27-35

Mudliar, P., and Koontz, T. M. (2021). Locating Power in Ostrom’s Design Principles: Watershed Management in India and the United States, Society and Natural Resources;

Mudliar, P. (2020) “Polycentricity to Moncentricity: Power Dynamics in Lake Victoria’s fisheries”, Environmental Policy and Governance; 1-14 

Mudliar, P., & Koontz, T. M. (2018). “The muting and unmuting of caste across inter-linked action arenas: inequality and collective action in a community-based watershed group”. International Journal of the Commons, 12(1).

Koontz, T. M., Gupta, D., Mudliar, P., & Ranjan, P. (2015). “Adaptive institutions in social- ecological systems governance: A synthesis framework.” Environmental Science & Policy, 53, Part B, 139–151.

Kumbhar, C., Mudliar, P., Bhatia, L., Kshirsagar, A., and Watve, M. (2014). Widespread predatory abilities in the genus Streptomyces, Archives of Microbiology, 196, 235–248

Under Review

Mudaliar, P. When promises become pathologies: Fragmentation in Tanzania’s polycentric fisheries. 

Manuscripts in Preparation

O’Brien, L*., Mudaliar, P., and Brenner, J.C. (In preparation) Toward Decolonizing Academia: Examining Knowledge Systems in Land Managed by Institutes of Higher Education in the U.S.

Mudaliar, P and Mokashi, S. (In preparation). Supernatural Beliefs and Ostrom’s Design Principles: Sacred Forests in Maharashtra, India

Kashwan, P; Clement, F; Foster, S., and Mudaliar, P (in preparation) Commons and Inequality: Taking Stock of Thirty Years of Scholarship to Advance a Research Agenda

Mudaliar, P. (In preparation) A Rights-based Approach to Polycentricity: A Theoretical Model