Pranietha Mudliar

Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies and Science


Peer-reviewed Publications

Mudliar, P and O’Brien, L*., (Accepted). Crowding-out Lower-level Authorities: Interactions and Transformations of Higher and Lower-level Authorities in Lake Victoria’s Polycentric fisheries in Kenya, Environmental Science and Policy.

Mudliar, P., and Koontz, T. M. (2021). Locating Power in Ostrom’s Design Principles: Watershed Management in India and the United States, Society and Natural Resources;

Mudliar, P. (2020) “Polycentricity to Moncentricity: Power Dynamics in Lake Victoria’s fisheries”, Environmental Policy and Governance; 1-14 

Mudliar, P., & Koontz, T. M. (2018). “The muting and unmuting of caste across inter-linked action arenas: inequality and collective action in a community-based watershed group”. International Journal of the Commons, 12(1).

Koontz, T. M., Gupta, D., Mudliar, P., & Ranjan, P. (2015). “Adaptive institutions in social- ecological systems governance: A synthesis framework.” Environmental Science & Policy, 53, Part B, 139–151.

Under Review

Mudliar, P., McElroy, M*., and Brenner, J. (Invited Manuscript) The Futility and Fatality of Incremental Action: Motivations and Barriers among Undergraduates for Environmental Action that Matters, Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences

Manuscripts in Preparation

Mudliar, P and Mokashi, S. (In preparation). Supernatural Beliefs and Ostrom’s Design Principles: Sacred Forests in Maharashtra, India

Mudliar, P. (In preparation). Linking Networks of Adjacent Action Situations in Tanzania’s Lake Victoria’s fisheries

*: Student Collaborators