Praneeta Mudaliar

Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies and Science
School: School of Humanities and Sciences


Non-peer reviewed publications

* Student Collaborators

Kashwan, P., and Mudaliar, P. (2021) “Resisting the Cynical Politics of Climate Negotiations” Planet Politics Institute, (by invitation)

 O’Brien, L*., and Mudaliar, P. (2021) “Knowledge Systems in the Management Plan of the Ithaca College Natural Lands” Report prepared for the Ithaca College Natural Lands Committee (contributes to fostering DEIJ) Report available on request

Mudliar, P (2018) “Fire on the Water: Militarization of Fisheries Management on Lake Victoria” Secure Fisheries: Advancing Sustainable Fisheries

Mudliar, P., and Arnold, G. (2017) Book review: Fighting King Coal: The Challenges to Micromobilization in Central Appalachia in Review of Policy Research

Mudliar, P., (2015) “For India’s Watersheds, Adaptability is Key”, Asia and the Pacific Policy Society

Mudliar, P., (2015) “Four Stories from the Field: Of Tamil villages, the Soligas, Richard, and the Tibetans”, Adaptation at Scale in Semi-Arid Regions, University of Cape Town

Mudliar, P (2015) “I Now Speak Tamil, my Mother Tongue” Adaptation at Scale in Semi-Arid Regions, University of Cape Town, villages-soligas-richard-and-tibetans

Koontz, T., Gabagambi, R., Marquis, C, Mudliar, P., and Zwickle, S. (2013). “Human Dimensions of Soil Degradation. Advances in Soil Science: Principles of Sustainable Soil Management in Agroecosystems, Eds. Rattan Lal and B.A.Stewart. Taylor & Francis Group

Koontz, T. M, and Mudliar, P, (2012). “Collaborative Watershed Planning Experiences in Ohio: Survey Results from Members.” Columbus, Ohio: Environmental and Social Sustainability Lab, School of Environment and Natural Resources.