Susan Swensen Witherup

Professor, Biology


Recent Student Research & Funding

Recent Presentations

Adriana Morales (Biochem '17), Colette Piaseck-Masters (Biology '18) and Danielle Bucior (Biology '18). Poster presentation. "Pollination Biology of Scaevola plumieri in Vieques, Puerto Rico". Northeast Regional American Society of Plant Biologists. Ithaca College.  April 2016 and at the Rochester Academy of Sciences Fall Paper Session, Finger Lakes Community College.  November 2015.

Also presented by:

Adriana Morales. NCUR.  Asheville, NC, April 2016.

Colette Piaseck-Masters and Danielle Bucior. James J. Whalen Symposium, Ithaca College, April 2016.  H&S Poster Award Recipients.

Recent Funding

Stephen D. and Mary C. Ford Family Scholarship Fund

  • Lauren Ryan, Biochemisty '16. Support summer phylogenetic research in genus Gurania. 2014.

Jack and Flo Bernard Family Undergraduate Research Fund:

  • Adam Longwich, Biochemistry ’13. Research supplies to finish his honors project and will be sequencing at least 20 new plant accessions for a single nuclear gene.  Also, includes support for new lab students to develop skills they need for future projects; Lauren Ryan, Biochemisty '16 and Michael Armstrong, Biology '14. 2012-13.

H&S Educational Grant Initiative Funding:

  • James Edsall, Biology ’13. Aquaponics research project.  Their current goal is to provide the foundation for a student driven aquaponic system that highlights sustainably grown plant produce. Spring 2013
  • Adam Longwich, Biochemistry ’13. Plant Evolutionary Analysis Based on Molecular and Morphological Data. Fall 2012

H&S Poster Award Recipients

Colette Piaseck-Masters and Danielle Bucior

Whalen Symposia 2016