My bill shows an anticipated credit balance. Is it possible to get an advance on that amount to cover expenses?

We recognize that you may be receiving several different types of financial aid and that these resources typically do not arrive at the College at the same time. If you have met the obligations of filing for financial aid in a timely fashion and have provided all the required documents and forms, we can provide a small advance against anticipated financial aid. This is not a loan and no interest is charged for this service. To request an advance,follow these steps:

  • Using HomerConnect, go to the Student, Financial Aid, and Residential Life section
  • Select “Pay Online, View Account, & Create/Review Direct Deposit”.
  • On the left panel, choose “Direct Deposit”. The next screen will provide you with a figure of the eligible amount of your refund. Review this amount (note that the full credit must be taken), choose your method of payment (direct deposit or mailed check), and complete the necessary online forms.
  • In most cases, your request will be processed on the day it was requested and will be available to you within a day or two after approval (direct deposit is the fastest path).