Graduate PLUS Loan Exit Counseling Session

If you have borrowed under the Federal Graduate Plus Loan program you are required by federal regulation to complete an exit counseling session prior to graduation that describes your rights and responsibilities. Federal regulation also requires that you are presented with the Average Graduate Plus Loan Indebtedness for the Class of 2010. This information is based on a random survey of graduate students who have borrowed under the program.

Average total Federal Graduate Plus Loan Indebtedness: $13667

Average estimated monthly Federal Graduate Plus Loan payment (based on 120 months):

Interest Rate Monthly Payment Total Interest Paid Total Interest/Principal Paid
$8.50% $183.85 $8,396 $22,063

Completion of the exit counseling session via the Internet is an easy process and only takes about ten minutes. You'll need the following information on hand to complete it:
  • Your expected employer, address and phone number (if you will be employed upon graduation).
  • Your nearest living relative's name and complete address and phone number.
  • Two other references with complete addresses and phone numbers.

Information on Loan Cancellation Provisions