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July 29, 2015

Ithaca College 2015 Campus Master Plan – Completed and On-line

I am pleased to share the 2015 Campus Master Plan with the campus community. The plan was approved by the Ithaca College Board of Trustees at their May meeting. The Board’s approval followed a year of focused effort to create the plan – including numerous forums in which students, faculty and staff shared their perceptions and feedback relative to iterative updates about the direction of the plan. Indeed, the collaborative nature of the Master Planning process was integral to the creation of the final version of the plan, and I am grateful that so many members of the campus community opted to participate.

The 2015 Campus Master Plan was created in a way that it would be adaptive rather than prescriptive – meaning the College is in the fortuitous position of being able to – over the course of the next one to two decades – consider not only a number of specific recommendations, but to also be guided by a framework that will enable continuous pursuit of particular themes and characteristics. For example, the plan sets forth principles for building placement and functionality; accordingly, future buildings and other facility initiatives will be guided by these principles wherever possible and practical. To quote from the Introduction section of the document:

“The 2015 Master Plan represents an outline to the next chapter to be written in the story of Ithaca College. Building on the school’s blend of curricular offerings and creative spirit, the plan will allow Ithaca to move forward with a shared vision for the future. Using the culture of Ithaca College as a foundation, the Master Plan is a framework for future growth and evolution, guiding today’s Ithacans as they etch their own tales into the story of Ithaca College.”

The Campus Master Plan can be accessed here.

Thank you.

Dr. Timothy Carey
Associate Vice President
IC Facilities

Master Plan 2015