Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I get access to Parnassus?
A. Financial Services grants access to Parnassus Financials. Users must complete an Account Access Form and attend any required training. The request form as well as detailed information can be found on the Financial Services website under Training.

Q. Can I get a list of all the accounts I can access in Parnassus?
A. Yes! Financial Services has created the Account Listing by Parnassus Username report in Argus. Users will log in with an IC email username and password. You will need to enter your username and click Run Report to access your account information.

Q. Where can I find a listing of departmental subcodes?
A. Financial Services website contains links to the Subcodes listings reports and information.  Departmental accounts may or may not have all of these subcodes set up.  To set up additional accounts please submit a New Account Request Form (also available on the Forms page of the Financial Services website).

Q. What are the basic options for purchasing or paying for items?
A. The following options can be used to purchase or pay for items. Review the specific policies for each of these options. Detailed information regarding the various processes involved when purchasing or paying for goods or services are included in the User Guides on the Financial Services website under Parnassus.

  • EZpay process in Parnassus for items $1000 or less (no capital or IC employee/student travel related items)
  • IC Purchasing Card for items up to $2000 (no capital or IC employee/student travel related items)
  • iProcurement process in Parnassus for items over $2000 and all capital items (also items $501 - $2000 where vendor does not accept credit card
  • IC Travel Card for all travel related expenses

Q. What is EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)?
A. EFT is an electronic transfer of funds through a national automated clearinghouse directly into your bank account. Employees and suppliers can set up this option for payments to be directly deposited into your account. For detailed information and instructions on setting up EFT, go to Electronic Funds Transfer on the Accounts Payable website.

Q. How are IC employees paid for Professional Services (i.e. consultant, presenter, honorarium, stipend, etc.)?
A. Professional Services payments for Ithaca College employees must go through Payroll. Contact Cindy Reckdenwald in Compensation, Payroll & Organizational Design with questions on how employees, such as those “on-leave” are to be paid.   Professional Services payments for Student Employees must go through Student Employment.

Q. How do I reimburse IC employees and students for travel/entertainment expenses or non-IC employees for professional services, travel and entertainment expenses?
A. Please see the Reimbursement and Payment Reference Guide. Also included on this reference sheet is how to reimburse non-IC employees for professional services, travel and entertainment expenses. You will find this reference guide on the Travel Services website on the “Payment Methods” page.

Q. What is the shortcut for entering “Period” instead of using the List of Values (LOV)?
A. Click in the Period field to highlight it > enter the month/year> Tab (5/08 tab will display 05/08-FY08) Note: do not add a zero to single digit months.

Q. What is the difference between YTD and PJTD?
A. YTD (Year to Date) represents the 01 Fund accounts (i.e. where the funds must be spent within that fiscal year. PJTD (Project to Date) is used for the 02 (i.e., 03, 05, and 06 Fund accounts. These accounts may cross fiscal years. Using PJTD allows users to view a project’s account activity from the beginning of the project to the designated period you select. The 02, 03, 05, and 06 Fund accounts can be viewed using YTD if you only want to view account activity within a particular fiscal year.

Q. What dates do I enter in the “from” and “to” periods in the IC Funds Available Detail Report?
A. The IC Funds Available Detail report can only be run using various months within one fiscal year only. Entering different fiscal years in the “from” and “to” periods will create an inaccurate report. (i.e. use FROM: 10/08-FY 08 TO: 12/08-FY08 NOT From: 03/08-FY07 To: 10/08-FY08).

Q. Where can I find information about moving funds from one account to another?
A. Detailed information is provided in the “Budget Transfers and Moving Funds User Guide.” Financial Services created this user guide to help you understand what is involved with moving funds, determining how to request funds be moved including the various contact information. Users will also read about budget transfers and when it is appropriate to complete the budget transfer yourself. This user guide as well as additional guides are located on the Financial Services website under Parnassus then choose User Guides and “Budget Transfers and Moving Funds.” Training is available by contacting Lucas Sweet.

Q. How do I update the Requisition or Budget Approval Hierarchies?
A. Send an email to Julia Dillard or Jerry McConnell in Financial Services.

Q. How do I access our departmental phone bill?
A. Users can access and print the phone bill report in ARGUS. Go to the ACE/ARGUS homepage >click on ARGUS tab then “Click Here to…”and log in with your email username and password >click on the Financials tab > Financials Reports tab >choose NEW Telephone Bill Report .