Welcome to Financial Services (West Tower, 14th Floor)

Financial Services encompasses:
Accounts Payable (AP)
Accounts Receivable (AR)
Travel Services
Cashiering Services
Information Systems

All areas within Financial Services use Parnassus for financial accounting. Please contact Financial Services with questions regarding Parnassus, account access and setup, and journal entries.

Financial Services

  1. Parnassus account set up and access
  2. Account reconciliation and accounting
  3. Coordinate College’s external financial audit
  4. Financial report creation
  5. Journal entries and approval
  6. Maintain the requisition and budget approval hierarchies for Parnassus
  7. Maintain ICFast and the Financials Reports page in Argus
  8. Parnassus financials administration

Accounts Payable

  1. Administers EZpay and Purchasing card policies
  2. Controls user access and management of Purchasing cards
  3. Enters all suppliers into Parnassus
  4. Enters EFT setup for Ithaca College students and employees for reimbursements
  5. Sets up and processes all payments for the Purchasing Card, EZpays and invoices

Accounts Receivable

  1. Handles all non-student billings


  1. Administers College purchases

Travel Services

  1. Administers Travel and Travel Card policies
  2. Controls user access and management of Travel cards
  3. Processes Expense Reports requiring reimbursement
  4. Sets up and processes payments for the Travel card

Cashiering Services

  1. Records departmental deposits made at CFCU
  2. Administers Petty Cash
  3. Approves Cash Advances for international and student group travel

Information Systems

  1. Training and support to the College and Financial Services end-users
  2. Manage access to the Financial System
  3. Report Writing
  4. Managing ICFast and Financials reports in Argus
West Tower
Contact Information

West Tower, 14th Floor

Sean Kanazawich
Director - Financial Services
(607) 274-3309

Brian Erickson
Assistant Director - Financial Services
(607) 274-5795

Laurie Clink
Financial Services Specialist
(607) 274-1213


Jen Landon
Director - HR & Finance Application Services
(607) 274-7991

Julia Dillard
Assistant Director - HR & Finance Application Services
(607) 274-7333

Matt Lewkowicz
Assistant Director - HR & Finance Application Services
(607) 274-1003

Nick Vogel
Data and Reporting Analyst
(607) 274-5826

Luke Sweet
Training/Documentation Specialist
(607) 274-3044