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Financial Services

Beth Reynolds
(607) 274-3683

Phone bill charges, restricted accounts, new account set up

Sean Kanazawich
Financial Services Co-Director
(607) 274-3309

General ledger, financial reporting, tax reporting, PCI compliance

Brian Erickson
Financial Services Co-Director
(607) 274-5795

Grants and contracts, Plant Account Questions

Jean Cupernall
Accounting Specialist
(607) 274-3805

Interdepartmental charges (charge backs), taxable/nontaxable questions, journals

Laurie Clink
Financial Services Specialist
(607) 274-1213

Accounts Receivable, Cashiering, Petty Cash

Accounts Payable & Travel Services

Ann Martin
Accounts Payable & Travel Services Manager
(607) 274-3808

Purchasing card administration, invoices

Sheryl Scott
Travel Services Specialist
(607) 274-1480

Travel card administration, expense reports

Karena Krauss
Accounts Payable Specialist
(607) 274-3387

Invoice payment, new suppliers


Doug Freeman
Director of Procurement
(607) 274-1415

  • Requests for proposals (RFP), requests for quote (RFQ, and/or receiving bids/proposals support
  • Supplier sourcing support
  • Supplier meetings
  • Ithaca College's vendor agreements

Irene Scott
Sourcing Specialist
(607) 274-1467

  • Supporting sourcing activities for IT
  • Custom and non-Technology Renewal desktop and network printer orders
  • Audio-video equipment and services sourcing
  • Recommended technology vendors

Bernie Murtha
Sourcing Specialist
(607) 274-7764

  • Supporting sourcing activities for Sciences, Hammond Health Center, Athletics, Theatre Arts

Susan Shutts
Warehouse Manager / Sourcing Specialist
(607) 274-3694

  • Supporting sourcing activities for Facilities and Residential Life
  • Coordinating sales or surplus property

Karen Cleveland
Procurement Specialist
(607) 274-7341

  • Point of contact for IC Marketplace requisitions and purchase order submittals
  • Lead for Staples Business Advantage related purchases
  • Assistance with Parnassus related purchasing activities

Information Systems

Jerry McConnell
Information Systems Manager
(607) 274-7088

Parnassus (access, reporting, support)

Julia Dillard
Information Systems Specialist
(607) 274-7333

Parnassus (access, reporting, support)

Lucas Sweet
Training/Documentation Specialist
(607) 274-3044

Parnassus training and support

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