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Ithaca College
Air and Ground Miles
Ithaca College is a signatory of the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment ( As part of that commitment, the college must inventory its greenhouse gas emissions on an annual basis. To record emissions from travel, we ask that you estimate the number of air miles (flying) and ground miles (driving) you travel for every college-related trip.

There are several online utilities that will calculate air miles given the origin and destination:

Ground miles are frequently larger than air miles between two locations. To estimate ground miles, indicate your driving origin and destination using one of the following online calculators:


What if I am traveling in a group?
If you're submitting an expense report for a group's trip, please include the group total air and ground mileage. If more then one person in the group is submitting an expense report then divide the mileage accordingly.

Air miles must be calculated for every person flying, but ground miles are counted only once for a group driving together.

For example, if five people flew from Ithaca to Chicago and back (air miles = 1176), then drove together in one vehicle from Chicago to Peoria and back (334 ground miles), you would multiply the air miles by five, but count the ground miles only once.

Do I have to count miles traveled in numerous short taxi/shuttle trips?
If the calculation becomes difficult because of a number of short driving trips within a larger trip, exact calculations are not important. Please do your best to estimate the overall cumulative distance traveled (e.g. 10 miles through various taxi and shuttle rides).

How do bus trips count?
Bus trips count the same as ground miles. If a group travels on the bus, the ground miles are calculated on a per vehicle basis, not on a per person basis.

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