How do I get access to my accounts?

Having Parnassus account access allows you:

  • Monitor your departmental or project funds
  • Run Financial reports
  • Purchase/pay for departmental goods or services

All requests for Parnassus access must be requested via the Account Access Form. Once this form has been completed and authorized by an account owner, send/fax it to Financial Services. We are usually able to process account access requests within 2 business days; often requests for additional access are granted that same business day.

Parnassus account access is granted in the form of a "responsibility" in Parnassus. The functions in a responsibility allow you to do things in Parnassus such as create an invoice in EZpay, or a requisition in iProcurement. The account access tied to your responsibility dictates what departments and/or projects you're able to "see" and use with that responsibility.

Typical examples of Parnassus responsibilities include:

  • Account Inquiry -View financial reports and account balances for the accounts that you can access
  • Finance Apps - Update credit card charges and view financial reports and account balances for the accounts that you can access
  • EZpay - Create invoices (up to $1000) for the accounts that you can access
  • iProcurement - Create requisitions for goods and services and receive those goods and services for the accounts that you can access

All responsibilities except the Account Inquiry responsibility require training before we can grant you access. Please check out the training portion of our website for our training schedule and useful documentation.


Account Access Form
This form is required for any new or additional Parnassus access. This form can also be found on the Financial Services "Forms' page. This form will open in a new window.

Financial Services Fax Number: 607.274.1007