Exploring Infiltrations: FLEFF 2021

By Queline Meadows, February 9, 2021
Exploring the theme of this year's festival.

FLEFF poster. Text: Infiltrations, the 24th annual Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival, March 22-April 11 2021

Blog posting written by Queline Meadows, Culture and Communication with minors in French and Honors Interdisciplinary Studies, ’23, FLEFF Intern, Buffalo, New York.

Transformation. Communication. Examination and re-examination. Migration. Activation.

When I think of this year’s theme, INFILTRATIONS, these words and more appear in my head. 

What does INFILTRATIONS mean? What does it mean to infiltrate or be infiltrated?

FLEFF 2020 saw the launch of the Radical Infiltrations New Media Exhibition with various projects taking on the theme from different perspectives.

That is a strength of this theme; it can appear in many forms. For example, when I think of INFILTRATIONS, my mind immediately goes to COVID-19 and how it has infiltrated every aspect of our lives.

Infiltration does not need to be physical; it can also occur in the form of thoughts and ideas. I have already begun to feel infiltration taking place in my own brain as I absorb new ideas that challenge my assumptions and preconceptions of what a festival should look like.

The 100% virtual nature of FLEFF 2021 is emblematic of the digital infiltrating the analog. The pandemic has propelled this process. Virtual cinema allows for infiltration to occur on an even larger scale. FLEFF 2021 will be the most globally accessible festival yet, allowing this infiltration of ideas to spread far and wide.

Additionally, with its continued focus on dialogues and debates, this year’s fully-virtual FLEFF will allow myself and others to continue our own unique processes of infiltration through exchange with festival guests and goers alike.

INFILTRATIONS is a fitting theme for this year’s festival. I look forward to engaging with it through the programming as well as my own activities as a FLEFF blogger.