FLEFF Immersion from a Dorm

By Alison True, March 23, 2021
Pillow forts, FLEFF, and snacks is my plan for the next 3 weeks.

Film festivals from home can be interesting and amazing at the same time

As someone who is very introverted, surprisingly shy, and self-aware, the idea of in-person festivals are completely out of my comfort zone. Over the years, I have participated in many in-person events, but deep in the behind the scenes. I am good at logistics, at communicating what needs to be done and how. 

The conversation is what I am bad at. I feel incredibly awkward just walking up to someone and striking up a conversation. 

This is why I feel like I would really be able to immerse myself in a virtual FLEFF with no issues.

As an introvert, the most amazing thing in the world sounds like watching a film in bed with snacks, occasionally answering a text message. I find myself able to be immersed easily, and have found ways to over the COVID-19 pandemic. I had to finish a class virtually, a class where you normally got together and watched a film in Park Auditorium after listening to a lecture. I figured out how to become immersed in the films and conversational prompts from my bedroom.

My plan to participate in FLEFF is to make a viewing area and a discussion area. I’d like to separate the two so I can have one area to just watch the film and one place to think about it.

My viewing area will probably be my bed. I hope to try and make a sort of pillow fort, get some vending machine candy and an overpriced soda and enjoy the film at some odd hour of the night. 

I plan on working at my desk for conversations. The upright chair and place for a notebook is good for discussions and engagement. 

Asking questions will still be outside of my comfort zone, however. I tend to have many, but I struggle with formulating my thoughts to make them cohesive and understandable questions. I wonder about a lot of things, but am often too nervous to try to ask a question. 

I am excited to experience more than just a film screening, however. I am always interested in the behind-the-scenes of the films I watch, and whether I watch interviews with the cast or watch the extra scenes in the menu of the film, I am always fascinated.

I am very excited to experience time with filmmakers and be a part of something great.