FLEFF Profile: Dr. Sueyong Park-Primiano

By Kayla Wilkins, April 3, 2021
Assistant Professor of English and Film Studies


When interviewing Dr. Sueyoung Park-Primiano that was the one word that stuck out the most when it came to her background. The desire to wander. 

A professor at the Kennesaw University and former archivist, Dr. Park-Primiano is quite versed in the world of travel. 

When she was younger, she and her parents immigrated from South Korea to the United States. Park-Primiano hinted that might be where her hunger for travel stemmed from.

From Europe to Asia to Latin America, she has been to many places during pivotal historical events. 

I backpacked all over Eastern Europe and Asia at the height of democratization, sojourning in what was once Czechoslovakia after the Velvet Revolution, then in Hungary during its free election, followed by the Trans-Siberian train ride that took us from Moscow to Mongolia to Beijing only a year after the Tiananmen Square protests.”  

These experiences have given her the opportunity to experience different people, different cultures, and different stories. 

Park-Primiano is not new to the FLEFF scene either. After obtaining a postdoctoral position at Ithaca College, she was then offered a spot on the FLEFF team.

Park-Primiano has been versed in positions like introducing talent to moderating talkbacks. This year she will moderate a talkback on one of the featured films, Jeronimo, a documentary by Joseph Juhn that is about a Korean servant living through the Cuban Revolution. 

A story of Korean diaspora in a country where this storyline has not been heavily explored. 

She expressed that the idea of visibility is essential when it comes to telling people’s stories. That there is immense importance to preserving, collecting, and sharing history. 
FLEFF works to program films that aren’t easily accessible and gives lesser-known talent that opportunity for visibility and preservation. 

Dr. Park Primiano stated that with FLEFF going 100% virtual it gives her the opportunity to reunite with the FLEFF team and to immerse herself back in the Ithaca film community.