FLEFF's Infiltration

By Erin Pedersen, February 9, 2021
FLEFF is Infiltrating on a Global Scale

The Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival (FLEFF), is infiltrating the festival and film industry with a newly designed program.

Infiltration, the gradual entering into an entity, and the 2021 theme of FLEFF. 

This year FLEFF is 100% virtual which is no surprise given the Pandemic the world is fighting against. The virtuality of the festival not only keeps people safe, but it allows access for the entire world to attend. The accessibility of a virtual event creates a community of people who otherwise would not be able to attend due to location, health, or politics.

There are film festivals that are projected to host in-person during 2021 in the hopes that it will ‘feel normal’ again. This is the want from festivals and community members everywhere, but why revert back to an environment that is not fully safe yet? Instead, adapt and grow from the past to create a new festival that can reach thousands of additional people!

FLEFF has adapted to the world’s situation and altered the typical festival formula. FLEFF’s theme of infiltration allows for it and its members to share ideas and perspectives without the limiting access a festival would bring if it were only in-person.

FLEFF has faced obstacles during the pandemic that everyone around the world has faced, but despite the challenges, FLEFF has emerged in 2021 as a stronger power uniting a world of disconnect.