Infiltrating Online Platforms

By Grace Bonner, Cinema and Photography '23, February 9, 2021
What does this year's theme INFILTRATIONS mean?

Infiltrating Online Platforms

We must begin to accept the world we once knew will no longer be the same. Trips to movie theaters with buckets of popcorn in one hand and a soda in the other is an ideal of the past. 

Festivals are moving to create a new way to consume independent media and art cinema. Instead of looking at virtual film festivals as a fluke in the system, they may be our “new normal”. 

The Sundance film festival, known for its market and publicity, took place virtually over the last week. Because of the amount of excitement surrounding this particular festival, moving online allowed for a larger audience even when showing 72 feature films instead of over 100

Moving to a new platform, especially with FLEFF’s focus on the environment, emphasizes this year's theme of INFILTRATIONS. An environment is not just flora and fauna, but who and what one surrounds themselves with. In order to talk about difficult topics, we must dig deeper than the surface. 

Looking beyond the popular media’s point of view or what our preconceptions are is many times uncomfortable, but necessary. This year, FLEFF is infiltrating the internet by bringing tough conversations about the meaning of “environment”. 

The online atmosphere is another environment that many of us have yet to fully explore. Digital spaces are becoming a bigger conversation and we at FLEFF are excited to dive in.