Interview with FLEFF Blogger

By Erin Pedersen, March 5, 2021
A FLEFF Blogger that has flourished within virtual life

Alison True is a sophomore cinema/photo major minoring in Spanish and animation. She has worked with the multimedia team for the Ithacan creating weekly videos. Her most recent video was based on a band transitioning during the pandemic from live shows to fully virtual.

FLEFF had to endure this transition as well when the pandemic began. 

For FLEFF and for True, transitioning to virtual life has been difficult, but valuable. There are new methods for creating festivals and new issues that arise throughout events, but new skills are being learned that benefit staff involved.

True benefited from the virtual world because she has experience with technology and working online. True worked at a virtual summer camp during summer 2020. She was tasked with managing virtual crowds and assisting with technical malfunctions on the participant side.

True is grateful for the emergency management techniques she learned throughout her work at the virtual summer camp. True learned to identify various signs from participants and how to offer support when needed.

Emergency management is an important skill to embody because it allows event/festival staff to assist in situations that would typically go unnoticed.

These situations range from a participant’s camera or audio not shutting off to being ‘zoom-bombed’ by unwanted guests. 

On February 25th, 2021, an online initiative was held that prompted conversations across screen cultures and allowed for immersive discussion with Dr. Jiangtao “Harry” Gu and Dr. Camilo A. Malagón. 

Dr. Jiangtao “Harry” Gu is an Assistant Professor of Media and Society at Hobart and William Smith Colleges and  Dr. Camilo A. Malagón is an Assistant Professor of Modern Languages and Literature at Ithaca College.

True attended this event because participating in a discussion with Dr. Camilo A. Malagón piqued her interest as a Spanish minor.

The discussion involved the views of  Latin and South America on the capital insurrection which occurred on the sixth of January, 2021. 

True asked the question: “Do you think that the capitol insurrection will have any lasting impact on South America?” This prompted a discussion about Trump’s involvement with Guatemala and the effects of his social media use.

True’s in-depth conversation regarding America’s standing within other countries is only a preview of the types of discussions held throughout FLEFF