Introduction: Grace Bonner

By Grace Bonner Cinema and Photography '23 Plainfield, NH, February 2, 2021
An introduction to one of this year's bloggers

Sophomore year of high school, I attended the White River Independent Film Festival for the first time. My grandmother found an ad in the paper, and before I knew it, we found ourselves in a local museum - now a makeshift movie theater. I watched the short films eagerly - until they announced a horror flick, and we decided to scoot out early as scary movies are not my thing. 

Affectionately, I call my corner of New Hampshire “the middle of nowhere” when people ask me where I’m from, but that does not mean there’s a lack of artists and film culture. Attending this first festival opened my eyes to the new ways film and media can be used and increased my love for the Art.

The Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival was one of the first events to catch my eye when I arrived at Ithaca College. The access to professional film and media makers through the festival excited me. 

Last year, I hoped to explore these experiences but once classes became remote, I was no longer thinking about media, but what our world would look like in the near future. This year, when I again learned of FLEFF and its opportunities - even as an online festival -  I took the chance to embrace what was to come. 

Knowing very little about film festivals, I know even less when it comes to running virtual events. Working with FLEFF allows me to pull the curtain back from this industry. For the first time, FLEFF and many other festivals - will be completely virtual. We will be learning to navigate a new venue together.