Jeronimo and its Background

By Erin Pedersen, March 24, 2021
Selected at 19 Film Festivals

Joseph Juhn.

Korean and American. 

The director of Jeronimo.

Joseph Juhn was born in Minneapolis, MN, grew up in Korea from age 3 - 18, and then moved back to the United States where he studied and became a lawyer. Juhn worked four years as an attorney for a Korean government agency based in Manhattan, NY. 

In 2015, Juhn embarked on a spontaneous backpacking trip to Cuba where he stumbled upon a taxi driver that was of 4th generation Korean Cuban descent. 

A taxi driver that changed the course of Juhn’s life.

Juhn was experiencing a loss of self while in the United States because he found himself, a Korean, of the minority. Although Juhn was both Korean and American he struggled to find a sense of belonging while having two identities. 

Meeting this taxi driver inspired Juhn to explore and embrace his heritage through storytelling which is how the film Jeronimo came about.

Jeronimo explores the forgotten past of Korean Diaspora and is a reminder that the journey to find one’s identity is a path frequently endured by all of humanity.

Jeronimo is Juhn’s first feature-length film and was selected at 19 film festivals around the world: 2019 DMZ International Documentary Film Festival (Seoul, Korea), 2019 Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival, 2019 New York Asian American International Film Festival (Won Audiencesʼ Best Feature Documentary Award), 2019 San Diego Asian Film Festival, 2019 Dallas Asian Film Festival, 2019 Guam Film Festival, 2019 Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival, 2020 Minnesota Cuban Film Festival, 2019 Seoul International Film Festival, 2019 Korean American Film Festival of New York, 2020 Seattle Asian American Film Festival (Won Audienceʼs Best Feature Documentary Award), 2020 Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival, 2020 North European Film Festival in London, 2020 International Film Festival of Gibara (Gibara, Cuba), 2020 Diaspora Film Festival Korea (Incheon, Korea), 2020 South European Film Festival in Valentia, 2021 Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival, 2021 Toronto Korean Film Festival, 2021 AAS Film Expo

Jeronimo had its initial release on November 21st, 2019 in South Korea and it later received one of the highest audience ratings in 2019 after it drew over 15,000 audiences nationwide. 

The Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival is screening Jeronimo in its final week of the festival which is from April 5th until April 11th. Click Here to purchase a pass and screen Jeronimo.

Jeronimo is an exemplary film that defies borders and brings new meaning to identity and self-discovery.” -Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival