Learning from the FLEFF Pre-Festival Event

By Rachael Geary, March 23, 2021
How the pre-festival FLEFF event gave me confidence to work at the film festival

“ragnar” was the only Zoom screen name that was a singular word. Everyone else’s name on the Zoom call had their first and last name.


This past Saturday, a few of the FLEFF bloggers and I hosted a pre-festival event for our friends and family. I could recognize some of the last names of the people attending because they were shared with my fellow bloggers. However, I had no idea who ragnar was.

My anxious brain immediately thought that there was someone at our event that none of the bloggers and I invited. ragnar’s camera was off and had their microphone muted.  ragnar, for all I knew, could be someone trying to hijack our event.

However, as our event was coming to a close, ragnar turned his camera on. I saw one of the bloggers smile.

ragnar was a blogger’s father.

After the bloggers and I hosted our pre-festival Zoom event, I felt the most excited about FLEFF out of any other time during the semester. The bloggers and I took what we had learned through our weekly FLEFF classes and applied it to this event.

We were able to branch out of our roles as students and become teachers.

We taught our friends and family what FLEFF was. We took them through the films that were being screened over Zoom’s screenshare option. We played trailers and showed our participants where they could purchase tickets.

The bloggers and I worked together as a team.

With this event under my belt as a blogger, I am looking forward continuing to streamline discussions during FLEFF over Zoom. During the pre-festival event, I would provide links in the Zoom chat of what was being shown on the screen.

I sent links to the FLEFF website, the Eventive website, and different blogs that bloggers wrote during the presentation. This allowed for our participants to look for themselves on all of the happenstances FLEFF provides.

When it is my turn to help with the backend of festival panels and discussions, I will be able to apply what I did at the pre-festival event to the festival event.

I also hope to see the now-familiar name of ragnar again at another FLEFF event.