A New Era for Opera

By Annisa Phillip, April 2, 2021
A reflection of the "Why Opera? Why Now?" panel

Two weeks ago, I sat down with Opera singer, Elena Galvan and we spoke about the arts and how this panel would demonstrate how Opera is surviving the pandemic. Having the pleasure of attending the panel, “Why Opera? Why Now?”, left me feeling inspired and hopeful for a sense of a new normality after the pandemic.

The conversation had by the panelist was very digestible. I was able to connect to what they were saying regardless of me not knowing much about Opera beforehand. I got the overall energy of being surrounded by people who are passionate about what they do and are willing to make their art by any means possible. Opera Ithaca set this expectation when they created a virtual performance of Gianni Schicchi this past summer.

Pannist and Opera Singer, Megnot Toggia, spoke about how exciting it is to be a part of this new era of Opera where there are now more things to learn in order to put on a show. It’s inspiring to see how positive everyone is with having to become flexible in changing the way shows are normally put on. We even got a surprise performance from Galvan and her husband, Daniel Bates. Who proved to us live that Opera still has the capability to be just as powerful and evoke emotion in audiences despite it being done virtually.

If you missed out on this panel, that’s okay! We have more planned throughout the festival that can be found on our website, https://www.ithaca.edu/finger-lakes-environmental-film-festival/week-th…. Let my reflection serve as a reminder that you don’t have to be a scholar in the area of conversation to be a part of it. Come and learn about something new and meet new people!