A Profile on Dr. David Earll

By Alison True, March 22, 2021
Meet Dr. David Earll, music faculty at Ithaca College

Dr. David Earll, a professor of most things musical at Ithaca College, arrives exactly on time to the interview. We exchange pleasantries, I’ve met him before. I play trombone with the Ithaca College Trombone Troupe, and have had the honor of playing alongside him.

He talks animatedly about his debut album, Winding Pathway, one full of tuba solos. It can be found on Spotify and on Amazon, as this is a completely digital release. While it was released in November, FLEFF is holding an official launch for the album as one of the programs. 

I listened to the album when I heard about it from Dr. Zimmermann, and was filled with such joy. I won’t spoil it too much, as I believe everyone should listen to it. The most exhilarating thing is hearing a tuba play a well-known flute sonata and absolutely crushing it. Hearing such a large instrument play such flittering notes is inspiring.

He worked on this album with many colleagues from Arizona, one of which being Dr. Deanna Swoboda. In addition to helping produce the album, will be moderating the release party.

His involvement with FLEFF does not stop at an event. Dr. Earll wrote a piece of music for the beginning of every zoom event. I had the pleasure of listening to it this past FLEFF seminar class, and it was lovely. This was to help emulate the feeling of waiting in a theater, waiting for the movie to begin. 

He modeled the piece after video game music. This is so that the loop sounds more natural, rather than having a song with a beginning and an end. After researching Yasunori Shiono and his work, Dr. Earll created a looping phrase of music. Yasunori Shiono is a Japanese composer who writes for video games, composing music for the purpose of looping during a level. 

This piece, entitled Infiltrations, coupled with information about the festival, is another way that FLEFF this year will feel connected across a virtual screen.