Progression to Digital

By Renee Madcharo, February 9, 2021

Expository Filmwork

FLEFF’s theme of infiltration comes at a time where a new wave of digital technology makes it possible for anyone to question cracks in society’s tolerance of what is right and wrong. The topic of infiltrations covers studies done into how deep a filmmaker can get when addressing an issue within society and how they choose to express it from an artistic perspective.

Some of the feature films this year work much like progressive era pieces to show corrupt and ill proactive within industries and government. A notable example would be Ida Tarbell who published The History of The Standard Oil Company as a means to exposed working conditions within that the oil monopoly.

This model of involvement is the same the if research and indebted study as the infiltration films were based in. They are on the ground exposing wrong practices and the pieces themselves work  as fictional creative case studies to show an audience certain problems in a different light.

I am curious to see how the digital age will be reflected in modern storytelling pieces selected. Will the work capture the normality of instant information customized to each user? Will it question  new and concepts that should be presented fast and curated for me? When do we take off the blinders to see a larger picture instead of only viewing what an algorithm deems is more enjoyable for us to see?

Incorporating these new forms of technology into modern festival results in unabridged availability for audiences to hear stories in new mediums, with increased interaction and participation. Creating a space for discussion where anyone has the possibility to have their voices heard by contributing to a message for others to listen and take action in their own lives.