Reactions to FLEFF Films

By Erin Pedersen, April 6, 2021
“I would not have been able to see these films if not for FLEFF.” Maureen Pedersen

Two weeks. Only two weeks and FLEFF has altered perspectives.

Lucy Loukes is a junior at Ithaca College majoring in Mathematics and had the opportunity to watch Identifying Features. Loukes mainly watches romantic comedy movies so participating in the viewing of Cinemapolis’ feature films in association with FLEFF has given her “a glimpse into films that I do not naturally watch or am exposed to.” 

In addition to Loukes, Maureen Pedersen, a 62-year-old interior designer, watched the films Two Weeks in Lagos and Shadow Days, both of which gave Maureen mixed feelings.

She was happy for the opportunity to view these films but saddened by the lack of freedoms surrounding the movies. For instance, Shadow Days directed by Zhao Dayong explores the one-child policy within China, which Maureen was not familiar with on the personal level the film shared.

“I was shocked by the social and economic differences, it gave me a greater appreciation for freedoms that I often take for granted.” 

Maureen shared the films she saw with her husband, Ragnar Pedersen, a digital coder for IBM. He too was taken aback by the content of Shadow Days and found it hard to believe that some experiences shown within the films are still experienced today.

“It is difficult knowing that if it wasn't for FLEFF I would not have known about the films I saw.”

Ragnar further shared that the movies he saw with FLEFF were eye-opening to him not only with their content but by sparking the realization that films are more than entertainment.

They are a media designed to make people think more critically of the world around them.