From a Screen From Afar

By Renee Madcharo, February 23, 2021
Turning Talks into Texts

FLEFF in an Online Atmosphere

It was once wishful thinking to be able to work from home. Almost a year ago that concept became a reality to a vast majority of people and has radically transformed our social interaction ever since. With the transition of in-person activities onto a virtual setting, the possibilities are endless to what online content is right at your fingertips. 

Last year, the film festival community was brought to a screeching halt as COVID-19 shut down festivals almost overnight. There has been a slow recovery process in development since the  

Cannes was scheduled to be held this year in May, but has shifted it’s date back to July 6-17 in hopes of holding an in-person event that meets the necessary safety guidelines. The Berlin International Film Festival was originally scheduled to run during February but has adapted to a two stage hybrid approach, where an Industry event will be held online during March and the festival hopes to screen their films in June .   

FLEFF has embraced this new online culture and has transitioned to an entire virtual schedule. Now it is possible for anyone to stream the films at the viewers convenience. The industry has had to shift to satisfy the needs of the expanded audience to watch what they want to, when they want to, and how they want to. 

This is a new horizon of nurturing online relationships between the filmmakers and the audience members. From my own experience this past fall with an online semester, it is possible to make an introduction online that can develop into a deeper connection than ever thought possible. I never would have thought it possible to get close to people I talked to on a screen, but going through a shared experience online can bring people together nonetheless. 

While the experience of online meetings is daunting at first it can be a bonding idea between us all. That we all are going through new changes in how our society functions when it comes time to bring people together to discuss ideas and see new creations.

The beauty of online events is their fluidity to personalize interactions and experiences to fit your custom schedule and with this embrace the changes that continue to happen as the festivals continue to host their events this year.