Starting Gates of Zoom

By Renee Madcharo, April 6, 2021
Triple Crown of Live Events

Call to the Post

Joining the Zoom call before the event has the pent up excitement of a racehorse rearing to go before the starting gates open. 

Everyone is checking their tack to make sure cameras are turned on, there’s full wifi connection and the FLEFF black and white step and repeat backgrounds are prepped.

The bugle’s Call to the Post is replaced by a gentler introduction of David Earl playing the Tuba for the opening slides to welcome guests to the event. Bringing the same amount of excitement and anticipation for what is to come. 

When the opening remarks are announced, the gates swing open at the ring of the starting bell and the conversation is off and running. 

The audience are spectators watching the conversation roll out and formulating questions as the program goes on. The chat is posting links, quotes and commentary at the speed of announcers calling out the jockeys fighting for the lead. Each staff member tries to get the jump on the next link to drop, before the rest of the members can share it.

Horses rounding the quarter pole into the homestretch have the same charge in energy as the interview transitions into taking questions from the audience. Encouraging a change in pace as the production makes strides closer to the finish line.

And just like that, it’s over and finished under the wire. The main Zoom room closes and transitions into the afterparty. Staff members congratulate each other on their hard work, much like the dawning of the rose blanket of the Kentucky Derby. Everyone gathers in the winner's circle to celebrate the success and the surge of adrenaline it ended with.

 Once the Zoom call ends, it’s the cool down walk back to the stables still dawning the roses of achievement of another event completed as members leave the meeting and the tab is closed.