Theatre in the Time of Covid: A Reflection

By Kayla Wilkins, April 7, 2021
"A refreshing light in this time of darkness."

It is no secret that 2020 was a heartbreaking year of immense change. People got laid off, schools got shut down, and to top it off everyone was confined to their primary living spaces. 

With the constant swirl of negative events surrounding us, it is easy to get caught up in it all. 

Theatre is a profession that can depend on the in-person aspect in order to have the full experience. 

When attending the Theater in the Time of Covid event, my expectations were that this would be a roundtable that discussed how hard Covid has been on the theatre community.

To my surprise, it was quite the opposite. Jerald Raymond (JR) Pierce, Sam Buggeln, Andrew J. Hungerford, and Ralph Lewis provided such positive energy to this dark time.

JR Pierce helped facilitate a beautiful conversation about the three companies; Cherry Arts (Ithaca), Know Theatre of Cincinnati, and Peculiar Works (NYC).

It was intriguing to see how each place adapted as well as how the pandemic has affected different people around the country. 

As a newer resident of Ithaca, the information presented about Cherry Arts was educational and interesting in the sense that it helped me learn more about this community near me that I had never been introduced to before. 

The usual mundane Zoom squares filled with smiles and laughter. The creatives talked about the adaptations that each theatre company made. 

Zoom productions, promenades, and potential hybrid plans for the future. 

Even when the guests were giving their evening takeaways at the end, the overall consensus was that the conversation was inspiring and enlightening. 

A refreshing light in a time of darkness.