FLP 2013 - Silent Sustainability

Field Trips

Several small tours will be organized for this year's Finger Lakes Project Workshop.  Each tour will highlight a different sustainability-related student/faculty endeavor.  Please remember to wear good walking shoes and rain gear, if necessary, for outdoor venues.

Ithaca College Organic Garden

The garden is an outgrowth of a student research project in an Environmental Science class.  As an assignment for grant writing experience in this course, students wrote about the creation of an organic garden.  Shortly after, they decided to make it a reality and applied for various additional funding to support their goal.  The garden was established in the spring of 2009 and has been going strong ever since!  Students are in charge of planting and tending the garden, and they offer fresh veggies to the community for a small donation.

Ithaca College Permaculture Garden

The Permaculture Garden near Williams Hall is Ithaca College's first permaculture installation. Since 2009, students and faculty have worked to design and implement this garden, which aims to demonstrate a new paradigm that marries landscape architecture with ecology, local food with student education and activism.

Environmental Studies & Sciences Senior Project: Aquaponics Facility

The spring 2013 senior research project for Environmental Studies and Sciences majors was to develop and build an aquaponics system.  The students built the system with several different types of growing beds for plants and spent their semester monitoring the system's pH, nitrate, and ammonia levels and fish health.