Sherrie Szeto, Project Look Sharp

Sherrie Szeto

Program Manager
(607) 274-3471

Our program is a media literacy outreach initiative within the School of Humanities and Sciences. We provide training and develop curriculum materials for K-16 educators to use in their classrooms. Our training and materials enable educators to help their students sharpen their skills of analysis and reflection by thinking critically about media and information. My role as program manager is to oversee and coordinate all trainings, curriculum publications, marketing, student workers and interns, website updates and budget. Prior to working at IC I was a High School English teacher. My favorite activities are to hike the parks and trails of Ithaca with my dog and family, attend yoga classes, and read everything at the fingertips. My strongest interpersonal skill is to listen unconditionally and to help build self-awareness and confidence. Students are very comfortable with my open, kind and supportive communication style and often seek me out for advice or just to share their personal milestones or struggles.