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Archival Spaces

Archival Spaces

Memory, Images, History

Posted by Patricia Zimmermann at 12:18PM   |  5 comments

Blog post written by Jan-Christopher Horak, Director, UCLA Film & Television Archive

      There is a paradigm shift of enormous proportions going on in the real world, and in the archive world. We are moving away from a culture of objects to one of electronic bytes. The very materiality of traditional media will become obsolete. Now some of us may...


Posted by Patricia Zimmermann at 3:30PM   |  6 comments

Blog written by Jan-Christopher Horak, UCLA Film & Television Archive

While the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival has only shown a few documentaries that one could characterize as "wildlife films,"this genre certainly speaks to the environmental concerns of the festival.

We are now observing a paradigm shift in the functionality of wildlife documentary...


Posted by Patricia Zimmermann at 8:57PM   |  7 comments

By Jan Christopher Horak, UCLA Film  & Television Archive 

 According to Michael Foucault, the totality of intellectual activity over time within a given culture constitutes the archive of human knowledge. The archive in the real world gathers together in physical form the articulations of our culture, whether books, papers, films, video, art objects, and...


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