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Checkpoints Lab

Checkpoints Lab

Work, Musings, Writings and Projects from FLEFF's Checkpoints Lab 2011

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Posted by Nicholas Knouf at 12:03AM   |  Add a comment

We wanted to post a short update regarding the FLEFF Lab: Checkpoints Project course.  After an unfortunate delay due Leslie Garcia was able to come to IC and present a workshop on developing sonic experiments in the free/open-source software pure data.  We've now finished for the semester and will be updating this blog with the excellent student projects in the next couple of days.  We think these projects were wonderful and tie in extremely well with the texts and artistic works discussed in the course.  We hope that you'll comment on the projects and let them know what you think!

Until those are posted, we will update the blog with other goings on for the semester.

Thanks to Patty and Tom and Assistant Provost Saunders for again providing us with an opportunity to work with some wonderful students!


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