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Checkpoints Lab

Checkpoints Lab

Work, Musings, Writings and Projects from FLEFF's Checkpoints Lab 2011

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Posted by Nicholas Knouf at 11:23PM   |  Add a comment

We are happy to announce the opening of the FLEFF Lab: Checkpoints Project class blog! We'll be posting about the goings on of the course, including a selection of student writings each week as we move through the syllabus. Here's the description of the course:

FLEFF LAB: Checkpoints Project explores the concept of checkpoints, the FLEFF 2011 festival programming stream, through a range of theories and practices of social media, social networking, emerging technologies, user-generated content, and other structures. Students will engage in group projects that combine conceptual investigation of open space modes with digital interfaces and social media. Finished projects and prototypes will be mounted on the FLEFF website.

The syllabus for the course is available online; later posts will go through what we've discussed so far, including further links to projects we've discussed in class.

We welcome your comments and hope you enjoy following what's taking place in FLEFF Lab: Checkpoints Project!

Nicholas Knouf and Claudia Pederson, co-lecturers

Nicholas Knouf is a new media artist, technologist and software/hardware designer whose research explores the interstitial spaces between information science, critical theory, digital art, and science and technology studies. 

Knouf’s artistic projects have been shown internationally in Spain, Greece, and Brazil. Recent projects have been featured in international exhibitions such as “Esse, nosse, posse: Common Wealth for Common People” at the National Museum for Contemporary Art in Athens, Greece (2010) and electro_online (2009). Past and current work has been recognized by a number awards, including an Honorary Mention by Prix Ars Electronica in [the next idea] category (2005), the Leonardo Abstracts Service (LABS) for his master’s thesis (2008), a memefest Award of Distinction (2008), and a special transmediale “Online Highlight” (2009). Additionally, his work has been discussed in print and online media, including ID Magazine, the Boston Globe, CNN, Slashdot, Afterimage, and networked: a (networked_book) about (networked_art).  Knouf is currently is a PhD candidate in information science at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.

Claudia Costa Pederson is a "play" theorist and creative collaborator with national and international artists. Her research interests center broadly on the interactions of creativity and collectivity in modalities of thought and artistic practices. Her research and work brings these interests to bear on transnational electronic arts, including videogames and digital performance.

Pederson is currently a PhD candidate in the History of Art and Visual Studies at Cornell University, with dissertation research on how digital play reconfigures the technical, formal, and social in relation to the politics of everyday life. Her research examines the convergence of the fields of art, entertainment, the military, and medicine, through experimental game design. She has published on digital culture, gaming and play in such journals  and online research collaborations as Afterimage, Research Center for CyberCulture Studies, Empyre, and other scholarly and new media publications.


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